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Re: orion re: dss and aramaic

Jim West wrote:
>further, that the divine name is rendered in paleo-hebrew script in a number
>of documents seems to indicate not only that the name was viewed as sacred-
>but that it should not be pronounced.  Now if a pesher were by chance picked
>up by a "non-initiate" and they were, by chance, educated enought to read
>it, then maybe the second line of defense was preciesly the hiding of the
>divine name in a script no longer generally recognized. ???

Following this line of reaoning, how do we understand the presence of
entire documents in paleo Hebrew (e.g., Exod.) along side (in cave 4)
copies of the same book in the presumably more "readable" square script?

Did the use of paleo script indicate a particular dergee of reverence for
the texts written in it?

Daryl Jefferies
Madison, WI

Daryl Jefferies