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Re: orion Spoken DSS Hebrew

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I'm on vacation right now, and havn't been really tempted to jump into the
fray more than I have done so far, especially inasmuch as John Hay has done
To Jack Kilmon, though, I would suggest that the handful of Aramaic
targumim found in Qumran could at most be taken to mean that a handful of
local west-semitic readers needed Aramaic paraphrases of the texts. The
vast preponderance of Hebrew text in the caves remains the greatest
obstacle to any theory of widespread Aramaic usage.
Moreover, Hay is again right to point to Qimron´s curious claim that 4QMMT
is "representative" of the DSS Hebrew, when in fact it and the Copper
Scroll are the only representatives of that particular Hebrew in Qumran,
and their Hebrew is linked with that of Bar Kosiba/Kokhba pretty much only
by the use of the particle *$l* as genitive circumlocution.

best regards,

Fred Cryer