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Re: orion Spoken DSS Hebrew

On Fri, 21 Nov 1997 11:24:47 -0500, psodtke@execulink.com writes:
>At 23:05 97/11/20 +0100, John Hays noted (as part of a much
longer post):
>>Fred Cryer has basically challenged believers of the "Aramaic

  [... snip ... already seen ...]

>so they had been multilingual from childhood. These were intell-
>igent people, but not necessarily academics.

Having ventured from Loondoon to Hawgtown, you were blinded by
multilingual people?  Your former school superintendent, Mad Line
Hardly (whom we used to refer to as AA = Angry Angle when we were
OISE classmates) sheltered you well...  However, consider where
most of the followers of Jesus came from - Galilee.  How many
Poleis (Cities - with constitutions and all that decadent and
unhebraic stuff)?  More than all of Eeeegypt!  Do you ever wonder
WHY most of the OT (Tanakh) quotes used by the gospellers and
epistlers came from the LXX?  Why does Jesus use such Greek skene
material such as Hypokrites, when the meaning is plainly ac-
tors...  Yes, did you wonder?  Maybe most Galileans spoke Greek
first, then hebrew and made do in Aramaic.  Look at the 1st C
before and after the turn of the Era use of Langwitches on their
public notices and funerary gear??  Huh, huh?  With christians
acting like that, all LXX, even in synagogues, which as we see in
Dura Europa a century or two later, saw ecclesia and synagogue so
alike they could not be told apart except with fine tooth ex-
aminations?  Again, hunh, hunh?  Now do you see the Rabbis at and
after Jamnia had an uphill battle to preserve Hebrew?  Where is
Aramaic today?  Arabic or extinct?  

What are the records on the ground like in the languages under
discussion and where?  Tell me?

  Part of the above due to a reply to a post of inquiry on
  another List.  How long had Galilee been Jewish?  Who and
  when forced a conversion?  This makes the text material of
  the DSS even more precious IMO.

Tom Simms

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>Paul Sodtke
>London, Ontario