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Re: orion bibliographic question

>In the orion web current bibliography I saw some titles which I could not find
>anywhere. Who can help?
>1. J. Licht Memorial Volume, Jerusalem 1995
>2. M. Stern Memorial Volume, Jerusalem 1995

	I don't know, but suggest a possibility: these may be forthcoming
volumes. At least, I see that a Menahem Stern volume of Eretz Israel
(serial pub. by Israel Exploration Society) is intended, though, if I
recall correctly, it isn't in Duke U. library yet.

>3. M.G. Bradford, Ancient Scrolls from teh Dead Sea. Photographs and
>on a unique collection of scrolls, Provo/Utah 1997

	ISBN 0934893276
a museum catalog booklet
publisher: Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies

S. Goranson   goranson@duke.edu