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orion postscript on "Chinese"

In case anyone is still interested:
In regard to the markings which some suggested might be Chinese, here's a
bibliographic reference which may not have been posted in the earlier
discussion (the library copy was not at hand at the time):
E. Tov in "Scribal Markings in the Texts from the Judean Desert" surveys
the subject and suggests categories of their uses. It's in _Current
Research and Technological Developments on the Dead Sea Scrolls_ (ed D.W.
Parry and S.D. Ricks; STDJ 20; NY & Leiden: E.J. Brill, 1996) 41-77.
On p. 75, Tov suggests the marks in the margin at 1QS VII (bottom) might be
a paleo-Hebrew zayin + ?. The 1QS IX 3 mark might be a paragraphos mark +
paleo-Heb. zayin + paleo-Heb. samek. He gives other related examples (e.g.,
a possible paleo-Heb. samek in 4Q 186.). In any case, if anyone is pursuing
this, Tov's article surely deserves attention.
S. Goranson    goranson@duke.edu