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orion IOU-DSS in Scotland

>Date: 	Mon, 3 Nov 1997 08:56:33 +000
>From: "Professor L.W. Hurtado" <hurtadol@div.ed.ac.uk>
>To: "First Century Judaism Discussion Forum" <ioudaios-l@lehigh.edu>

>I post the following conference & exhibit announcement on behalf of 
>the organizing conference committee here in the Univ. of Edinburgh.
>I. Kelvingrove Exhibition
>The last time the scrolls toured Scotland was in the 1960s when they were 
>on display to great acclaim at the National Library of Scotland in 
>Edinburgh. They are coming again in 1998 and this time to the Kelvingrove 
>Art Gallery in Glasgow.
>For information about the Exhbition contact the Curator, Mr. Simon Eccles 
>II. Edinburgh Dead Sea Scrolls Conference
>An international conference entitled 'The Dead Sea Scrolls in their 
>Historical Context' has been planned by the Faculty of Divinity at the 
>University of Edinburgh for 5-6 May 1998.  This Conference will focus on 
>the contribution of the scrolls to the study of Second Temple Judaism, 
>examining the four key areas of the 'Qumran bible', 'sectarianism', 
>'Jewish law', and 'messianism'.  How marginal or central are the Qumran 
>scrolls to pre-70 Judaism?  Have the chance discovery and intensive study 
>into these scrolls skewed our understanding of 'the ordinary Jew' in the 
>Speakers at the Conference include E. P. Sanders, Eugene C. Ulrich, 
>Lawrence H. Schiffman, John J. Collins, Philip R. Davies, Philip S. 
>Alexander, Timothy H. Lim, Julio Trebolle-Barrera, James C. VanderKam, 
>George J. Brooke, James Davila, Calum Carmichael, Sacha Stern, Alison 
>Jack and Charlotte Hempel.
>As part of the activities, there will be a reception and viewing of the 
>Kelvingrove Exhibition on the evening of 5 May 1998 when the Conference 
>will travel by coach from Edinburgh to Glasgow.
>III. Jesus the Jew and the Dead Sea Scrolls
>Geza Vermes will be giving the Gunning Lectures at the Faculty of 
>Divinity of the University of Edinburgh in April and May 1998.  These 
>lectures are open to the public and will be held in the Martin Hall, New 
>College, Edinburgh at 4pm.  The following are the titles of the lecture 
>a) 'Jesus the Jew', Thursday 23 April
>b) 'Jesus and Christianity', 28 April
>c) 'The Dead Sea Scrolls in Retrospect', 30 April
>d) 'The Dead Sea Scrolls 2000: Prospects in the New Millenium', 4 May
>Vermes will also be convening a seminar at the Conference.  He will also 
>offer a final session designed to summarize and answer questions on Jesus 
>and the Dead Sea Scrolls for the public on 7 May at 4pm in the Martin 
>Convener of the Gunning Lectureship Committee is Prof. Stewart J. Brown, 
>Professor of Ecclesiastical History, Faculty of Divinity, University of 
>Edinburgh (Brownss@div.ed.ac.uk).
>IV. New College Web Page
>Information about the Scrolls Exhibition, Edinburgh Conference and 
>Gunning Lectures will be published (with updates) on the New College Web 
>page (http://www.div.ed.ac.uk).
>V. Organizing Committee and Contact Addresses
>Dr. Timothy Lim, Lecturer in Dead Sea Scrolls and Christian Origins
>Prof. Larry Hurtado, Professor of New Testament Language, Literature and 
>	Theology (hurtadol@div.ed.ac.uk)
>Prof. A. Graeme Auld, Professor of Hebrew Bible
> (aulda@div.ed.ac.uk)
>Dr. Alison Jack, Conference Executive and PhD in New Testament
>For more information contact Timothy Lim, Dept of Hebrew and Old 
>Testament Studies, New College, Mound Place, Edinburgh EH1 2LX, Scotland, 
>tel. (0)131-650-8919; fax: (0)131-650-6579; email: limt@ed.ac.uk.
>A book display and conference pack are planned.  Publishers can contact 
>Alison Jack, New College, email: alisonj@div.ed.ac.uk.
>L. W. Hurtado
>University of Edinburgh,
>New College
>Mound Place 
>Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 2LX
>Phone: 0131-650-8920
>Fax: 0131-650-6579
>E-mail:  L.Hurtado@ed.ac.uk