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orion CALL FOR PAPERS: International Conference on the Origins

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Date:          Fri, 7 Nov 1997 15:51:54 +0000
To:            mediators@st-andrews.ac.uk
From:          jrd4@st-andrews.ac.uk (James R. Davila)
Subject:       CALL FOR PAPERS: International Conference on the Origins of
the Worship of Jesus


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13-17 June 1998
St. Mary's College
University of St. Andrews

Dr. James R. Davila  (Lecturer in Early Jewish Studies, University of St.
Professor Carey Newman (Research Professor of New Testament, Southern
Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky)

This conference will gather a team of scholars from around the world to
explore the origins of christology in the first century and its relation to
Jewish monotheism.  Attention will also be given to relevant biblical,
Jewish, and Greco-Roman traditions in the Persian and Hellenistic/Roman
periods.  The goal is to gain a better understanding of the cultural
background in which early Christianity grappled with the meaning of the
life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.  In preparation for the conference,
Dr. Davila will be teaching a course on Divine Mediator Figures in the
Biblical World at the Divinity School of the University of St. Andrews,
which will will examine traditions in the biblical and parabiblical
literature of approximately the Second Temple period about divine,
divinized, and exalted figures who served as mediators between God and
human beings, such as Michael, Enoch, Solomon, and the Sibyl.  The
overarching concern of the module will be to increase our understanding of
the cultural matrix that gave rise to the veneration of Jesus and to New
Testament christology, and the last seminar will focus on Jesus as a divine
mediator.  The module will be taught alongside an international discussion
list on the Internet.  (For more details and subscription information, see
the Divine Mediator Figures web page at:

The main (one hour) papers and responses are already set, but we have space
for a number of short (20-25 minute) papers relating to the origins of the
worship of Jesus, and we are now accepting proposals.  We much prefer
e-mail submission of proposals.  Send a 500 word abstract/proposal to Dr.
James R. Davila at jrd4@st-andrews.ac.uk (or St. Mary's College, University
of St. Andrews, St. Andrews, Fife, KY16 9JU, Scotland).

        Margaret Barker, "The High Priest"
        Richard Bauckham, "The Throne of God and the Worship of Jesus"
        P. M. Casey, "Monotheism, Worship, and Christological Development
in the Pauline Churches"
        Adela Yarbro Collins, "Greco-Roman Religion and Jesus as Son of God
in Mark"
        April De Conick, "Esoteric Temple Traditions and Valentinian
Worship: A Case for First-Century Christology in the Second Century"
        Larry Hurtado, "The Binitarian Shape of Early Christian Worship"
        Michael Mach, "The Question of Jewish Monotheism in the Hellenistic
        Pheme Perkins, "Identification of the Redeemed with the Revealer"
        Alan Segal, "Two Powers, Resurrection and the Worship of Jesus."
        Loren Stuckenbruck, "Angelology and Christology in the Ascension of

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