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Re: orion Genesis Apocryphon

On Mon, 17 Nov 1997, Orion List wrote:

> I have suggested before that it would be interesting to make a detailed
> analysis of the Scrolls in relation to Talmudic and Midrashic sources.
> Well, since we are reading about Abraham during the last two weeks, I
> noticed that in the Genesis apocryphon there is a reference to the fact
> that Sarah lived with Pharoah, but that he could not have relations with
> her. Interestingly enough, Rashi brings this same point from Bereshit Rabah
> on verse 17!
	Even more astounding is the fact that his point is made in Gen.
20 in relation to Avimelekh and Sarah: "al ken lo netatikhah lingoa bah." 
Bah indeed. M Jaffee