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Re: orion Code-words and Hanukkah

At 01:26 PM 11/16/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>2) Re Hanukkah. Since Maccabees does not mention the miracle of the
>>menorah, is it possible sectarians recognized the Hasmonean victory as a
>>day of celebration while rejecting the "Pharisaic" injunction to light the
>>candles in recognition of the menorah?
>Since the miracle of the oil isn't  mentioned in any literature until
>centuries later (not in the Mishnah nor in the Yerushalmi, first mentioned
>in Babylonian Talmud!  nor is there a tractate on Hanukkah to correspond
>with tractate Megillah for Purim!),  most modern scholars have concluded
>(in my view, correctly) that no such ritual was officially instituted at or
>even close to the time of the historical events nor is it attested for
>centuries thereafter.   Yes, I know that some people get very upset upon
>hearing this, but in the interests of intellectual honesty these facts and
>their implications need to be confronted.
>Judith Romney Wegner

What about the Feast of Dedication? (John 10:22)

Keith Schoville