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Re: orion Samaritanism, Karaites and Scrolls

From: David Goldman <davic@pop.erols.com>
Subject: Re: orion Samaritanism, Karaites and Scrolls

Thanks for the clarification to Virgil Brown. Can you speak more to the
issue of the apparent similarities in some of the outlooks of the writers
of the scrolls and the later Karaites, specifically whether there was a
tradition of Judaism in Babylon that originated among the "Saduccean"
non-rabbinic elements reaching back hundreds of years to before the
Destruction of the Temple. I wonder whether some similarities which were
also shared with the Samaritans are simply a function of "Torah literalism"
as opposed to a direct link.

It always occured to me that the Karaites did not just pop out of nowhere,
but must have been a population ALREADY oriented to that perspective, with
Anan and Nahawendi and others being the main personalities who merged these
populations together.