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Re: orion Cave 7 Fragments

>Have any of the fragments discovered in cave 7 been subject to C14 dating?
>The predominantly Greek texts seem almost out of place amongst the finds in
>the nearby caves.  I do not think that O'Callaghan's claims of possible New
>Testament fragments have been disproven yet and wonder if any scholar has
>done any extensive research on the Cave 7 finds.
>Vernon Chadwick
>Charlotte, NC

Re:  your statement that you  "do not think C's claims of possible NT
fragments at Qumran have been disproven yet."   I am sure that technically
you are correct.  But that's because  one has taken it seriously enough to
be up in arms about it!

Why exactly should scholars fee obligated to "disprove" any every wild
assertion that is sent down the pike by anybody or his dog!   Isn't it,
rather, up to to the person who comes along claiming that X is the case to
prove it or at least provide serious evidence for it,  rather than being up
to others to "disprove" (I suppose you mean "refute") it?

If I come out of left field claiming the moon is made of green cheese, it's
up to me at least to present some probative  evidence  -- but until I do
others have no obligation, moral or intellectual,  to refute my case.
Until then, people can quite reasonably  choose to ignore me altogether.

Of course, if I happen to be Galileo, that's something else again.  I
really DO have something to complain about, because after I have presented
formidable -- even incontrovertible --  evidence for my case,    powerful
interests have locked me up to force me to recant.   I really don't think
that's happening to Mr.O'Callaghan.   He is absolutely  entitled to his
opinions --  and others are absolutely entitled to ignore them.