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orion Update from the Orion Web

From: Brian Kvasnica <mskvas@mscc.huji.ac.il>

Greeting everyone,

The Orion Web continues to work out kinks and improve.  Here is a listing 
of new additions to the web.   A new web page has been created
which incorporates all of the following information.  Each dated 
entry is linked *on the web page*

**What's New on the Orion Web**

ORION NEWSLETTER. 6 November 1997. Our Summer/Fall 1997 Newsletter is 
now on the web. Newsletter 
NEW PROGRAM ADDED FOR FALL SEMESTER. 6 November 1997. Our Sememster began on 
November 2 and our programs: coffee hours, lectures, and finalizing for our February  
International Symposium have begun. 
NEW BIBLIOGRAPHY POSTING. 3 November 1997. Every  Monday we provide new 
bibliography that we have entered into  our bibliography.

SITE OVERVIEW. 2 November 1997. This new page gives a  thumbnail sketch of 
most of the pages on the Orion Web. We hope this helps you navigate better. 
NEW LINKS AND IMPROVED FORMAT. 22 October 1997. We  have updated our links 
and organized them better
COMBINING THE SYMPOSIUMS and the PAST PROGRAMS. 22 October 1997. In order to provide clarity to our site all 
past past programs were combined onto one page and all the symposiums were gathered together. 
ADDED TO THE DJD "IN PRESS" LISTING. 6 October 1997. Prof E. Tov has 
informed us that new volumes are now in the final stages.

Brian Kvasnica
Orion Web Manager