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orion Hannukah

From: habas@netvision.net.il (E. Habas)

>1) If Hanukkah was not celebrated by Essenes and/or Qumranites, this
>indicates some disapproval of the Hasmoneans.

Not necessarily. There could be other reasons. All kinds of differences of
opinion as to celebrations happened throughout antiquity, for different
reasons. Remarkably, they were usually resolved and open breaks or
consistant differences were mostly avoided.

>2) I Macc 14:41 limited the approval of the rule and priesthood of Simon
>"until a true prophet should arise."

Not exactly. It limited the *dynastic* aspect of the *threefold* leadership
the assembly granted Simon *and his offspring*, until God makes his will
known through his prophet.

Was it the case that Essenes and/or
>Qumranites in the first century BCE and following considered that a true
>prophet had arisen?

Again, not necessarily. There were enough other reasons (real or imaginary)
to disaprove of Herod's heirs as kings and/or high priests.

E. Habas  (habas@netvision.net.il)