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orion "1991/1992" jar

Shortly after posting on the "1966" jar reported by Dajani, I sat down to
do some (I thought) unrelated reading: a perusal of the huge Martin Hengel
Festschrift (Geschichte--Tradition--Reflexion; 3 vols., 1996, Mohr), which
just arrived at the library.
	Shemaryahu Talmon (in vol. I,  p. 324), writing about Qumran,
refers to "...a jar which the heavy rainfalls in the winter of 1991/2 laid
bare and which is of exactly the same make as those found in the first
cave...." This is probably the jar shown by Hanan Eshel, rather than the
"1966" jar, a possibility I  raised earlier.
Talmon footnotes (de Vaux's book and) M. Broshi's German expanded version
of the same article I just cited as using D. Ariel's Jerusalem coin study.
The German version, I don't have at hand: M. Broshi, "Qumran--Die
archaeologische Erforschung. Ein Ueberblick," in Qumran: Ein Symposion, ed.
J.H. Bauer et al.; Gratzer Theologische Studien 15 (1993) 87-116.
S. Goranson      goranson@duke.edu