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Re: orion Re: "BYTYHWH"

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From: fred cryer <fc.dss@pop.teol.ku.dk>
To: orion@mscc.huji.ac.il <orion@mscc.huji.ac.il>
Date:  ,  06, 1997 03:19
Subject: Re: orion Re: "BYTYHWH"

>Jim West having kindly sent me a fairly good JPEG of the ostracon, I had a
>look at it on the train this morning, and arrived at the following
>transcription and translation:
>k`$r mwk. `$y
>hw. hmlk ltt by(t)
>(z)kryhw. ksf tr
>$$. lbytyhwh
>"In accordance with the humility of king Ishyahu for giving: house of
>Zechariah: silver of Tarshish for the house of Yahweh".
>I re-emphasise that this is only a preliminary reading, and that I wouldnt
>want to stand by anything until Id seen some excellent infrared
>photographs and had the thing in my hands as well.
>As we Copenhageners delight in data that can add nuance to the
>understanding of the Biblical text, I would love to believe in the
>genuineness of this inscription, and particularly in the notion of a "King
>Ishyahu", which naturally retroverts as IshBaal (baal is, of course, a
>title, not a name, so anyone bearing the title as part of his theophorous

Couldn"t '$yhw be a variant of y'$yhw (Josiah), just as xzqyhw (Hezekiah)
and yhxzqyhw are variants?
Jonathan D. Safren