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Re: orion Spaceless "BYTYHWH" inscription

Dear Judith,
I'm not sure I follow the point of this discussion but of course there are
temples to Yahweh in Israel, even at the time that Josiah has supposedly
gotten rid of all but the Jerusalem Temple.  Arad is one such temple, for

>>Dear Judith who thinks there is no evidence of temples to yahweh
>>It is in fact the argument that  here was only a temple in Jerusalem in the
>>Iron Age that is speculative. The book of Kings (whether reliably or not
>>does not matter at all) reports Josiah (for example) as clearing away
>>foreign places of worship and that would be in the 7th century, shortly
>>before the end of the kingdom of Judah
>>You should read the bible and forget scholarly 'orthodoxy' now and then!
>>And also apologize to NP!
>>Philip R Davies
>>Department of Biblical Studies
>>University of Sheffield
>"Foreign places of worship" does not mean rival temples of YHWH -- at least
>that's not the most likely interpretation.   Also, a shrine is not the same
>as a temple.  There's a lot that is speculative about all of this.  And, as
>you perfectly well know, I do read the Bible;  So you should apologize to
>Niels Peter and I, by the way, are on excellent terms and correspond
>privately from time to time.  And he doesn't need you as his champion -- he
>can and does speak up for himself!
>Judith Romney Wegner

Paul V. M. Flesher, Director
Religious Studies Program
University of Wyoming
Laramie, WY  82071-3353