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Re: orion Spaceless "BYTYHWH" inscription

>Dear Judith who thinks there is no evidence of temples to yahweh
>It is in fact the argument that  here was only a temple in Jerusalem in the
>Iron Age that is speculative. The book of Kings (whether reliably or not
>does not matter at all) reports Josiah (for example) as clearing away
>foreign places of worship and that would be in the 7th century, shortly
>before the end of the kingdom of Judah
>You should read the bible and forget scholarly 'orthodoxy' now and then!
>And also apologize to NP!
>Philip R Davies
>Department of Biblical Studies
>University of Sheffield

"Foreign places of worship" does not mean rival temples of YHWH -- at least
that's not the most likely interpretation.   Also, a shrine is not the same
as a temple.  There's a lot that is speculative about all of this.  And, as
you perfectly well know, I do read the Bible;  So you should apologize to

Niels Peter and I, by the way, are on excellent terms and correspond
privately from time to time.  And he doesn't need you as his champion -- he
can and does speak up for himself!

Judith Romney Wegner