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Re: orion Jars and 1a & 1b dates

Dear Fred,

   > I agree with you on all counts, including the paucity of the evidence 
   > for the discontinuance of habitation around 9/8 bce. The tragedy of the
   > archaeological picture is that de Vaux didn4t leave any major sectors
   > unexcavated, so that we could check his findings today. It was a common
   > failing back then...
	I am inclined at this point to ask how much of de Vaux's notes 
you accept. 
	Now this question may be trickier than it first appears. In the
past we have talked about methodologies so it important that we address
our methodologies but not just our presuppositions. Nicht wahr?
	Wie gewoehnlich,

Virgil Brown