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Re: orion Jars and 1a & 1b dates

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All right, Mr. Gorenson-- enough is enough. You managed to enrage Greg
Doudna with your misrepresentation of others´ views; now you´ve finally got
under my skin. "Silly rumours" refers, naturally, to the sort of thing
Baigent and Leigh were putting about, viz., to the effect that a conspiracy
obtained on the part of the Roman Catholic members of the original
publication team to prevent Scroll materials which might be taken to be
deleterious to Christianity from seeing the light of day. That sort of
rumour flourished in the absence of open publication and free access by
scholars to the Scrolls. Precisely the same sort of rumour might arise in
the absence of the complete publication of the excavation notes of de Vaux
and his team -- as was noted by Jodi Magness herself in the recent
Jerusalem congress. I can only -- and *have* only-- seconded her views in
this respect. 
I shall no longer respond to any posts from you. Your inability to grasp
what your opponents are on about is equaled only by your desire to
misrepresent what they say. The result is a waste of time for serious

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