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Re: orion Jars and 1a & 1b dates

Mark Dunn wrote:
>[....] I don't have my Josephus here, but I recall that even near his
>death Herod went to Jericho and was "treated" by Essenes who were presumably
>skilled in "medical" practices and treatments. [....]

 I respond:
There is no mention in Josephus of Essenes giving medical treatment to Herod.

Fred Cryer wrote:
"It strikes me that it is amazingly naive to imagine that something as
distinctive as a pottery type...should have existed for only a short period
of time."

I respond:
If this is not a reference to J. Magness,  who wrote on the short period of
time that the Qumran cylindrical jar type existed, to whom is it a

Stephen Goranson    goranson@duke.edu