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Re: orion Jars and 1a & 1b dates

According to Dunnlaw:
> Sigrid Peterson observes that "the significance of the 9/8 bce gap in
> habitation goes past me, . . . ." 
> To get back to a question asked yesterday and not discussed:  Is this jar in
> the floor something like a wall safe?  I ask because of the discussion of

Please review the early posts on this topic. The so-called "scroll jars" are
unusual wide-mouthed jars. Sunken jars, whether the cylindrical "scroll jars" or
the common "bag"-type jar, did not necessarily contain scrolls. They usually
contained food.
> again, maybe it wasn't a hidding place at all.  Are there other sites where
> similar jars in the floor have been found?

Yes, there are a number of buried jars at Qumran.

> I'm not so sure that
> Herod took time out to knock down Q. 

It is not that Herod himself would take off after Qumran, or a group there, it is
rather that Herod had created a lot of doubt about the succession, and as he lay
dying there was a lot of spirited, armed, quasi-military jockeying for the
leadership position. This could have involved the buildings or people at Qumran,
or not.

> Mark Dunn  
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