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Re: orion Spaceless "BYTYHWH" inscription

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> Jack,
> On  4-NOV-1997 20:27:57.7 orion said to VCBROWN
>    > space when referring to a "building of..."  If the Temple was the
>    > BYTYHWH, then the palace was the BYTDWD!!  The little
>    > feller with the slingshot and harp who became king is as
> historical
>    > as the 1st Temple.
>         Slow down a bit, Jack. I like the find just reported in BAR,
> too.
> But we used to date the Exodus based on the Merneptah stele... and
> forget
> that the Egyptians don't make the scenes of Joshua and Judges.
>         Best,
> Virgil Brown
> vcbrown@Delphi.com

    That's true, Virgil...but my point was that until the Tel Dan
inscription,there was no extra-biblical evidence or epigraphy referring
to David.
The "minimalist" position was based on the lack of a word divider
(a dot) in the Palaeohebrew separating BYT and DWD and hence
speculation over the meaning of the compound.  Obviously, this is
just chitty chat until I read the article..and afterwards the Journal
articles....but the compounded BYTYHWH on this ostracon could
be evidence of a precedent in structure of this period (the ostracon
and Tel Dan being somewhat close) that could refer to a building...
BYTYHWH (House of God=Temple) and BYTDWD (House of
David=Palace).  I am sure that if a stele were discovered from the
time of Thutmoses III that referred to "per Meses," there would be
equal speculation.


Díman dith laych idneh dínishMA nishMA
   Jack Kilmon (jpman@accesscomm.net)