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Re: orion Jars and 1a & 1b dates

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Stephen Goranson wrote:

>  Jodi
> Magness did not write "silly rumors." In the post below--unless I have
> read
> it wrong--Fred Cryer has written a crass, personal, anti-intellectual
> attack.

    As an observer of this extremely interesting and informative thread
betweenyou, Dr. Magness, Greg,  and Dr. Cryer..and hence, a "consumer,"
of the
discussion, I did not read offense in Dr. Cryer's remark as directed to
Dr. Magness.
My impression is that he was comparing the long hesitation of the Ecole
Biblique in publishing de Vaux's data to the looooong hesitation of the
DSS scholars in making texts available to the world scholarly
hence the former could lead to "silly rumores" just as the latter
certainly did
(conspiracies, etc.).


> >Dear Mark--
> >I agree with you on all counts, including the paucity of the evidence
> for
> >the discontinuance of habitation around 9/8 bce. The tragedy of the
> >archaeological picture is that de Vaux didn´t leave any major sectors
> >unexcavated, so that we could check his findings today. It was a
> common
> >failing back then, and it does no good to bemoan it, but that´s the
> reason
> >we shall probably never get much more clarity than we have now. And
> the
> >failure of the Ecole Biblique to publish de Vaux´ excavation notes in
> full
> >can only give rise to more silly rumours.
> >
> >best regards,
> >
> >Fred Cryer

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