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Re: orion spaceless BYTYHWH inscription!

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What is presumably the same ostracon (I have not yet seen the BAR 
article), from the Moussaieff Collection, has also been published and 
dicussed in a pair of articles in the new issue of Semitica:

Bordreuil, Pierre; Israel, Felice; Pardee, Dennis. Deux ostraca 
paléo-hébreux de la collection Sh. Moussaïeff. Semitica. 1996 [1997]; 46: 
pages 49-76. planches 7-8.

Sérandour, A. Remarques complémentaires sur la contribution ordonée par le 
roi $yhw pour le temple de YHWH. Semitica. 1996 [1997]; 46: pages 77-80.

-Chuck Jones-