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Re: orion Spaceless "BYTYHWH" inscription

>The inscription appears to be some kind of a receipt for (or at least a
>record of)  a donation to a temple called *BYTYHWH*  (that is,  BYT YHWH
>written as one word with no space between BYT and YHWH --  similar to the
>Tel Dan inscription, which  (albeit in square Aramaic characters) likewise
>lacks a space between BYT and DWD.   It is written in ancient Hebrew
>characters and is claimed to refer to the First Temple.  (Apparently a full
>report will soon appear in the Near Eastern Archaeologist).
>So, it seems that H.S.  has once again set the cat among the pigeons!

Wow! So BYTDWD is a building after all? And this proves that the historical
YHWH really does exist!

Philip R Davies
Department of Biblical Studies
University of Sheffield