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Re: orion Jars and 1a & 1b dates

At 09:42 AM 11/4/97 -0500, SG wrote (in part):
>I conclude that Dr. Cryer has made an unfair personal attack on
>the historical reconstruction of a fine scholar, a tenured Professor at a
>fine school, now on leave on a grant at a fine scholarly institution,
>author of excellent archaeological articles based on extensive fieldwork
>published in peer-reviewed journals, and a friend to orion's purposes, for
>taking time to explain something about archaeology and pottery. Jodi
>Magness did not write "silly rumors." In the post below--unless I have read
>it wrong--Fred Cryer has written a crass, personal, anti-intellectual
>Stephen Goranson       goranson@duke.edu

Yes, Stephen, you did misread.  The "silly rumors" have to do with the
plethora of silly ideas circulating in and around Dead Sea Scrolls studies.
Prof. Cryer is certainly not personally attacking Prof. Magness.  After all,
it is you on this occasion, who makes a personal attack.  I suspect Prof.
Cryer will not bother responding to your character assasination- so I for my
part will suggest that you are the one who continuosly denigrates anyone who
disagrees with you and your theories.  Stephen, I hope that the Moderator
will take another look at your participation on the list- weighing the pros
and cons of your continuing participation and then make a decision that is
in the best interest for those of us intersted in serious comments and not
these constant barrages of vitriol.


Jim West
Adjunct Professor of Bible
Quartz Hill School of Theology