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Re: orion Re: Response to Harrison

At 07:32 97/11/03 +100, Thomas Thompson wrote:
>Dear Mr. Sodtke,
>I must apologize. It never occurred to me that a description of Islam 
>as supersessionist would be understood as a slur, extremist or 
>fundamentalist. Is it really such a sensitive issue?

I suppose I over-reacted. I guess I've seen too many casual comments on
this list and others start something like a flame war (I'm sure you have,
too), so I jumped in quickly to prevent that possibility -- but I realize
now I didn't think very carefully. In fact, I don't know if any Muslim
would be offended by your comment.

> I merely wished to point out that in any politics of 
>supersessionism, Islam has the superior claim. Perhaps I might sight 
>my own teacher of Islam, al-Farukhi, who made this very point in an 
>ecumenical discussion some twenty years ago.

True. (And, I suppose, Baha'i has a still higher claim of supersessionism,
if I understand it correctly). I guess I was thinking of an earlier
reference in your previous post to "ethnocentrism." I'm sure you would
agree that it is the religious extremists of all varieties who most deserve
that label.

Anyway, thank you for your thoughful response.