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Re: orion Re: Response to Harrison

On Mon, 3 Nov 1997, Judith Romney Wegner wrote:
> One of Islam's basic doctrines is that it is not only a historical
> successor to Judaism and Christianity but has also superseded them because
> it is uniquely true:  in other words, where its doctrines diverge from
> those of the earlier monotheisms, Islam is uniquely correct and the other
> two are simply wrong.

Well - wadda ya know! Judith gets subjective!

It's about time.

> Islam is just as entitled to that view as is Christianity in its claim to
> have superseded Judaism.  Supersessionism  is a neutral word in itself.  If
> a Christian or Muslim is upset by someone else's use of the word in
> relation to them, this is probably due (subliminally, perhaps) to
> discomfort stemming from the cognitive dissonance involved in the fact that
> any religious doctrine of supersessionism  is by definition based on a set
> of unproven and intrinsically unprovable  beliefs masquerading as "facts."

Yet you remain a bit confusing.  If you don't take 'facts' of belief to be
any thing but (of course) umprovable.  How can you believe in Islam?
Unless, I mis-understand your seemingly, 'non-sequitur'?

Please expound.  And 'if' this is off topic... I'll allow you to post to
me - privately. (how arrogant I seem....)<sorry....snifle...weep...)

Note: One other similarity of All three 'Religions'.  Melchisedek.

Uri.  (or d.o.o.)

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