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Re: orion Re: Response to Harrison

Dear Mr. Sodtke,
I must apologize. It never occurred to me that a description of Islam 
as supersessionist would be understood as a slur, extremist or 
fundamentalist. Is it really such a sensitive issue?
 I merely wished to point out that in any politics of 
supersessionism, Islam has the superior claim. Perhaps I might sight 
my own teacher of Islam, al-Farukhi, who made this very point in an 
ecumenical discussion some twenty years ago.

>  But why, pray tell, in a post defending against an unfair charge
> of "ethnocentrism", is there this dig at Islam??
> If Prof. Thompson had said "That game must be surrendered to religious
> extremists" or even "fundamentalists", I could agree whole-heartedly. But
> this sort of unnecessary slur on the *whole* of Islam seriously weakens his
> point and gives offense.
> Paul Sodtke
> (a relatively conservative Christian, if that makes any difference)
> London, Ontario, Canada
> psodtke@execulink.com