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Re: orion Dating of Locus 2 jar

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On Sunday, 11/2/97, Greg Doudna wrote

> I have thought over carefully the comments of Jodi Magness on locus 2 
> and the dating of the large jar buried in the floor at that locus.  
> The locus 2 floor and the buried storage jar in one corner both had 1st 
> CE coins and were in use in the 1st CE.  Yet the room is part of a 


>From all the letters re: this jar, I get at least two different
descriptions of the jar in relation to the floor.  Either it is imbedded in
the floor or the floor has been broken up to allow insertion of the jar --
correct?  these two at least?

Is there somewhere a detailed description of this floor and this jar as it
was originally found?  I mean it can't be both ways -- right?

The detailed description should clear things up -- right?

Dale M. Cannon
dcannon@nightowl.net (?)