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Re: orion Dating of Locus 2 jar

I believe list members can see an interesting phenomenon in the valuable 
posts from Jodi Magness, the major name in Qumran archaeology today, 
and, I hope, posts which were not wholly without redeeming merit of my 
own.  There is disagreement on a number of interpretive issues, yet in 
almost all cases there is agreement on the data.  There is much that I 
would have liked to pursue further in discussion with Prof. Magness, 
but at the same time fully understand her wish not to be distracted from 
her current research, and can only hope that at some point in the future 
she will find her time clear to join orion.  I do not feel the rest of us on this 
list need be constrained from further informed comment or discussion of 
the topic, including appropriate reference to published work of Prof. 
Magness as any current published work is open for discussion, simply 
because Prof. Magness is unable to join orion at this time.

However another factor, wholly unrelated to Jodi Magness's posts, has 
intruded such that I too have lost interest in discussing further on orion.  
This is caused by the inability of S. Goranson to understand or represent 
others' arguments accurately.  The problem is deep and long-term.  I am 
unwilling to subject either the list or myself to rounds of dialogue with SG.  
I can only express the fervent wish that SG adopt what would be a very 
simple solution: that he make his own arguments without attempting to 
cite or quote me.  This way he could say whatever he wishes on any subject 
of his choosing as long as he does not make attributions of positions to me.  
If SG is unwilling to do this, I intend to be out of discussion on orion for 
as long as SG remains active on this list.     

Greg Doudna