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orion Dating of Locus 2 jar


On  1-NOV-1997 07:58:34.5 orion said to VCBROWN
   > I have thought over carefully the comments of Jodi Magness on locus 2
   > and the dating of the large jar buried in the floor at that locus.
   > The locus 2 floor and the buried storage jar in one corner both had 1st
   > CE coins and were in use in the 1st CE.  
	When I first raised this question I pointed out that the signi-
ficant matter was not when the DSS were written but when they placed in 
the jars.
	Now let me throw in another variable: Murphy-O'Conner wrote that 
the continuity of the pottery type and the use of the room indicates that
the same group occupied the Qumran site in periods Ib and II.
	Let me concede locus 2, but just for the moment, and let me ask 
you how you would address the above problem. The results are just the same 
unless you posit that the folks who occupied Qumran during the 1st century
CE had not idea what the folks in the 1st century BCE were up to.