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Re: orion scroll jars again

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An attentive reader will note that Ms. Magness quotes me for having said
the *opposite* of what I in fact said on the issue of the temporal horison
of pottery; moreover, as already noted to Mr. Gorensen, my original post
was not framed in answer to her position.

At this juncture, though, it has to be reiterated that, Ms. Magness´
assurances to the contrary, de Vaux actually did assign many of the jars in
question to period I. Moreover, it would be nice to see evidence, rather
than merely assurances of the existence of, an unquestionable period II

Further, the argument that all the pottery from prior to 31bce was smashed,
therefore the one buried in the ground must be of later date beggars all
logic. Enough said.

Jodi remains a fine archaeologist, even if she tends, as I´ve said before,
to be very definite on issues that do not look unequivocal to many

Fred Cryer