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Re: orion: DSS pottery

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One canīt go to all the blasted sessions, Virgil, but Jodi gives good value
for money: a well- organised, well-rehearsed presentation, whether or not
one agrees with her. She also has the value of letting her yay be yay and
her nay, nay. Too many scholars waffle on the issues.
Still, on the pottery, the exchange between her and Greg Doudna has brought
to light the fact that Jodi understands as "scroll jars" --following, as
she says herself, Bar Nathan-- pottery that has never been found in
association with scrolls or with loci in which scrolls have been found (the
one exception known to me, as Doudna has mentioned privately, seems to have
been part of an assemblage of domestic pottery used by people who actually
lived for some time in cave 7). Moreover, she has neglected the fact that
de Vaux himself withdrew his original period II assignments for a fair
number of the ceramics in question and reassigned them, on reflection, to
period I. 
So there appears to be good reason for the assumption that period I dates
for the scroll jars cannot be excluded, and in fact the period II dates are
those that require substantiation-- especially inasmuch as we shall likely
never know much more about the archaeology of the site than de Vaux did.

best regards,

Fred Cryer