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Re: orion: DSS pottery

Dear Fred,

On 28-OCT-1997 05:03:56.9 orion said to VCBROWN
   > Jodi Magness was thinking, last time I talked with her, of 100-year-old
   > parchments in young ceramic containers, Virgil, so your thinking is at
   > least coherent with hers. I4d tend to doubt, though, that we can date 
   > the pottery that precisely, and even if we could, certain types can 
   > remain in use for up to a thousand years. 
	There's an abstract of JM's point of view in the 1996 SBL/ASOR 
abstracts. Maybe I should have been there rather than another session.

   > In any event, those seeking 
   > to conceal skins would probably have purchased local manufactures, no 
   > matter where the skins came from. So the presense of local pottery in 
   > both sites would not prove much of anything.
	I think it does prove one item: as Golb said, it proves that both
sites were contemporaneous.

   > Fred Cryer

Virgil Brown