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Re: orion Word "KITTIM"

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> The word "Kittim" was first used as a reference to the Greeks and only
> later to the Romans. It would be more accurate to say that the word
> refers to peoples of Aegean origins. There is a Greek archaeologists
> that argues that the word "Kittim" was for the Cypriotic city of Kition.I
> will try to get the reference later. The Ptolemies and the Seleucids
> fought over this Island and it had changed hands at around the time just
> prior to the Maccabean wars. Again I will have better references later.
> But it is enough to say that if the commentaries in question were
> refering to pre-Roman times, as I am sure they are since Demetrius was
> mentioned,"Kittim"  was used as a reference to the Greeks, as well as to
> the Romans. To the Greeks first the to the Romans. I will add more to this
> later. My books are not handy right now.

Speaking as a linguist, it sounds to me as though the word started out as a
term for a specific people (Greeks), then broadened to a more general use
(conquerors from the general direction of the Aegean), and ultimately
became a general word for "people (Gentiles) in our country that we don't
like and would like to see leave" without ethnic reference.  This is just
an observation based on what I've seen discussed so far; my books aren't
handy either.
Dave Washburn
If you don't know where you're going, don't lead.