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Re: orion: DSS pottery

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> To Russ G. and Virgil B. on whether the locus 2 jar could have been 
> installed in Period II for use to hold coin hoards: not very likely.  
> Real coin hoards at Qumran used smaller types of containers.  In 1966 
> A. Djawani, director of antiquities for Jordan, reported finding a 
> storage jar at Qumran intact _with provisions (food)_ inside.  (No 
> locus information, and he's dead now.)  This supports what would be a 
> reasonable reconstructed use for these jars at Qumran, all of which were 
> sunk in floors--they were the ancient equivalent of refrigeration (as
> by Fred).

Has anyone examined these jars to see if there is residue of foodstuffs or
potables in them?  It seems to me that this would at least determine
whether the refrigeration suggestion is correct.
Dave Washburn
If you don't know where you're going, don't lead.