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orion: Qumran scrolls jars Period I

Dear Greg,

   >reasoning, because some 1st CE coins were found on top, around, and 
   >even within this jar.  But the coins are dating the latest people to 
   >use the floor and the jar.  They are not dating the floor and the jar. 
	Like you I have worlds of respect for the people whom we have 
cited in our discussion of this topic. 
	On the other hand, I don't always understand the line of reasoning
that some scholar has used. So pardon me if I pursue this matter further.
	Why do you not consider this an anomaly rather than positing that
the jar must be P1? The jar is surrounded by coins of the 1st CE. As you
said, the coins were on top, within, but most significantly "around" the 
jar. Why is it not just as valid to ask if the jar were from the same time 
as the coins within the jar?

   >Since we have a good idea when the floor is actually dated--when 
   >Qumran was built at the start of I--this gives a good idea as to the 
   >dating of the jar which was installed in that floor.  
	If I follow your reasoning here it is that the jar was installed
when the floor was. Maybe so. But maybe the jar was installed later when 
the coins were minted?

Virgil Brown