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Re: orion: DSS pottery

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That´s a topic we´ve been on before, Virgil. What we´re really talking
about is the "type" of a wide-mouthed jar with a flat bottom, deep enough
to contain scrolls (over 20 cm). Similar ones, if not identical to the
Qumran exemplars, have been found in Jericho, indicating that we have to do
with a local type of pottery. Since I doubt we can legitimately claim that
all the potters in the Jericho-to-Qumran area were engaged in making
pottery for the concealment of literary products, the jars were probably
"provision jars" in their original context, and were found appropriate for
the concealment of scrolls as a secondary use.
Their burial in the corners of rooms on the site may have been intended to
keep liquids a few degrees cooler than the ambient temperature in the rooms
in question, but that is a mere guess.

Fred Cryer