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Re: orion: DSS pottery

	Thanx Greg, Fred, and those of you who sent me private email
messages. I appreciate your answers.
	My thoughts on this matter are based on a couple of remarks by 
Golb and Schiffman. Golb writes (1995, p30) that de Vaux realized he had
a mistake in calling the pottery Hellemistic. Rather it was Roman of the
half of the first century A.D." Golb cites de Vaux's 1973 work. Even if
the cave pot-
tery can no longer be dated to the second half of the first century CE,
it might
still demonstrate that the scrolls were being used long after they were
	Schiffman writes (1994, p57) that the jars are of a type not
found out-
side of Qumran. Except one. Does anyone know where this one jar was
Virgil Brown