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Re: orion Re: DNA hide tests

At 03:50 PM 10/26/97 -0800, you wrote:

>Palimpsests, manuscripts on which scribes erased an earlier text and re-used
>the vellum or parchment
>for a new text, are especially well-known from medieval ecclesiastical
>circles.  [snip]   Modern historians, who tend naturally to be
>more interested in older materials, have employed infra-red and digital
>enhancement techniques to recover the erased text, often with remarkable
>results.  I seem to recall also that several significant palimpsests have
>found at St Catherine's on Mt Sinai.

I did not mean to speculate or imply that the DSS were written on re-used
materials.  I only wanted to raise the point that one should be careful
when doing "scientific material analysis."   I know that infra-red and
digital enhancements can be used to restore erased text.  DNA testing,
Carbon-14, or other tests are only pieces of the puzzle.  Other data must
be used to establish a reliable date.


Daniel D. Stuhlman

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