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Re: orion Re: DNA hide tests

Gentle Daniel--
Palimpsests, manuscripts on which scribes erased an earlier text and re-used
the vellum or parchment
for a new text, are especially well-known from medieval ecclesiastical
circles.  Certainly one of the more significant palimpsests is the Codex
Ephraemi Rescriptus [sadly, only about half of its leaves have survived].  Over
the original fifth-century New Testament text is written a number of the
12-century sermons of St. Ephrem.  Modern historians, who tend naturally to be
more interested in older materials, have employed infra-red and digital
enhancement techniques to recover the erased text, often with remarkable
results.  I seem to recall also that several significant palimpsests have been
found at St Catherine's on Mt Sinai.

> Library.HTC wrote:

> At 11:46 AM 10/21/97 -0600, you wrote:
> >Dear D.D. Stuhlman,
> >
> >You make some good points. I would like to know if hides
> >were indeed stockpiled, how long would the velum have
> >remained pliable and ( smooth things :>)) easy-to-write
> >on.....[snip........

> Interesting questions.
> I will ask some modern Torah scribes about their parchment.  I am sure that
> the parchment used today remains usuable for approximately the same time
> frame as the ancient parchment.
> There is a difference between vellum and parchment.  I am not exactly sure,
> but I believe vellum is thiner.
> I am only speculating about the stock piling and trading; I have no data.
> The speculation about using "old" writing surfaces is based on the fact
> that vellum and parchment were expensive.  If someone found some old
> materials it would be cheaper to clean and re-use rather than buying new
> materials.  I have seen manuscripts and even printed books from Yemen that
> had writing student exercises and scribal practice letters in the margins
> and endpapers.
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