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orion New Testament position

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>Subject: New Testament position
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>The Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago seeks a professor in New
Testament studies to replace Professor Edgar Krentz, who will retire in the
summer of 1998.
>Completed doctorate
>Teaching experience
>Specialist in Pauline studies and/or Greco-Roman world
>Ability to teach on M.Div. and doctoral level
>Other faculty in field include Barbara Rossing, David Rhoads, and Krentz,
who will teach on a part-time basis.
>LSTC is part of an eleven seminary consortium called ACTS and is located
across the street from the University of Chicago.  Our Jesuit Krauss
McCormick Library is one of the finest in the country, with a specially
strong collection in biblical studies.
>Send applications or queries to:
>David Rhoads
>1100 E. 55th Street
>Chicago, IL 60615
>Ralph W. Klein, Dean