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Re: orion response to RG, etc.

Dear Russell Gmirkin,
I have responded to you often. Since you asked me to, I'll respond, but be
brief, since you seem unwilling to consider (the possibility) that the
point of view of 1, 2 Maccabees differ(s) from that of the pesharim. I
don't discourage anyone from studying those books or time periods. I am not
persuaded Enoch "comes from the Hasidim" of 1,2 Maccabees, as you implied,
though I do not deny that some people who have backed the Hasidim origin of
Essenes may have opined that possibility.
	As to another question on the orion table--whether the initiation
in Serek hayahad is also described in War 2--Have you a view on that?
Best wishes,
Stephen Goranson