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Re: orion 14C and falsifiability

According to Greg Doudna:
> Sigrid Peterson wrote:
> >  I do have extensive experience in
> >  scientific method and statistics, enough to be concerned that the findings of 
> >  the technology involved are being misinterpreted as *absolute data by 
> >  non-scientists.  One example follows:
> I can only interpret this statement in its context as having me as 
> its referent.  You seem to be claiming I have misrepresented the 
> 14C data.  I studied dendrochronology under the world's leading 

No, Greg, you weren't the one who called this material *absolute data. I 
know of your expertise in C14 dating. I would like statements about C14 to
be clear to scientists and non-scientists. That's a wish.

In a scholarly way, I am persisting in challenging the way C14 data are 
used in support of scholarship. That's more than a wish.

Sigrid Peterson   UPenn  petersig@ccat.sas.upenn.edu