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Re: orion 14C and falsifiability

Sigrid Peterson wrote:

> Yes, again. Greg and I agreed offline that we won't be able to draw firm
> conclusions using C14 testing until 85 different mss are tested. I would be 
> like to see "a suite of determinations" on mss that are at the extremes, such as
> TQahat and 4QpPs.

This is not an accurate representation of my private comment, and I 
object to a private comment being quoted, whether accurately or, as 
in this case, inaccurately, on a public list.  I did not initiate 
either the offlist communication with Sigrid or the figure of 85
which occurred in that offlist exchange.  Sigrid did not ask my 
permission to represent my private responses to her in public.

Greg Doudna