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Re: orion Re: DNA hide tests

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Dear D.D. Stuhlman,

You make some good points. I would like to know if hides 
were indeed stockpiled, how long would the velum have 
remained pliable and ( smooth things :>)) easy-to-write 
on. I don't think the writers of the KQ scrolls would 
have written on 200-year-old velum...or would they?
Is there data to show that the hides were stockpiled?
Although there was trading, and since we know of various 
trade routes, tribal hierarchies, Nuamis (sp?),camps, 
etc. wouldn't getting a better handle on the culture be 
interesting?. From where were hides imported (perhaps 
from the elusive sea-peoples)?.. DNA matching could 
reveal a host of things. Was the "liturgical or 
theological state" of the hide/animal important.. if 
so,would this delimit our search?

Your points (stockpiling, trading) could also apply to 
C14 dating n'est-ce pas?

Elmer Smalling III

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