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Re: orion Orion DNA tests

At 07:05 AM 10/21/97 -0500, you wrote:
>	_Gospel Truth? New Light on Jesus and the Gospels_ by Graham
>Stanton.? As far as I recall Stanton's book does not discuss DNA tests on
>the DSS.

No, it is a book of the same title- different subtitle by a fellow named Shorto.

>	DNA tests were started in 1994 by Scott Woodward. The idea was to
>identify the animal herd used to make the scrolls. Then after comparing 
>genetic material from other genetic material taken from other sites,
>hoped to identify *where* the scrolls were written.

But is it not the case that many sheep were needed to make one scroll?  What
possible control would there be to support the idea that the sheep all came
from the same herd?

>	Best,
>Virgil Brown



Jim West

Adjunct Professor of Bible,
Quartz Hill School of Theology