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orion Re: DNA hide tests

Checking DNA of hides I believe was discussed here before.  Showing that a
hide came a particular herd would mean nothing.  What about trading?  I
would imagine that hides were prepared by experts and sold to those who
needed them.  Hides could have been bought in bulk and stored untill
needed.    There are just too many possibilities for this kind of testing
to be meaningful.

The modern example would be to test paper from a document.  Even if you
found out that the paper was 17th century that would not be enough proof.
The writer could have obtained 17th century paper and forged the document.


>Very good idea! Even though the hides of many animals 
>might have been required for a single scroll (or codex), 
>the DNA would produce some very interesting flock "trees" 
>and could be used to tie certain scroll/frag.s 
>together.DNA analysis (electrophoresis) would also prove 
>interesting to those studying the herding ways of the 

Daniel D. Stuhlman

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