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orion Orion DNA tests

In a book titled "Gospel Truth" (author's name forgotten, sorry) I have been
told a suggestion is made that DNA tests are being conducted on some of the
scrolls in an effort to connect fragments to one another.  Is this so?  If
so, could someone offer some bibliography?  This "seems" to be a very
promising avenue.  Would it not, if accurate, tell us a great deal?

But, I wonder on the other hand, about the practicality of such an approach.
Were not the skins of many sheep or cows necessary for the production of 1
scroll?  Would, then, a single text (like the War Scroll) therefore have
many different DNA samples?

Anyway, if someone has seen the research I would be interested (and perhaps
we can leave the testy Essene question alone until new light is shed on the



Jim West

Adjunct Professor of Bible,
Quartz Hill School of Theology